August 2001 News

Friday, August 31, 2001 site up

Universal Focus has put up an official web site for Mulholland Drive. Right now it only has a "coming soon" place holder. The site is at

Premiere gives Mulholland Drive four stars

Premiere magazine online has a positive review of Mulholland Drive online. You can find it at

Mulholland Drive U.S. premiere on September 24th.

Mulholland Drive will be making it's US premiere at the Seattle Art Museum on September 24th. Naomi Watts is scheduled to be in attendance. Thanks to Adam at Lynch Posters for the info.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Twin Peaks and Sheryl Lee BBC clips

The BBC recently ran a series on the 90s. You can see a brief clip on Twin Peaks from their archives here. You can also view Sheryl Lee's introduction to the series here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

More Lynch DVD information

John Neff (Lynch's Studio Manager and Chief Engineer) stopped by the discussion board again with some more info about various Lynch DVD projects:

"David is having Eraserhead cleaned digitally frame by frame, and had a hi-def transfer made. It is being debated whether or not to remake the soundtrack in 5.1. Paramount is preparing Elephant Man for DVD now, the 5.1 remix starts at David's studio soon. David has been active in the timing and will oversee the sound. On the Air and Hotel Room are not owned by him - no word on DVDs. A DVD of the short films will be available on his site, in October. No contact yet on Wild at Heart."

Great news on the short films being released! Looks like October is going to be an expensive month for Lynch fans.

Twin Peaks DVD Review

DVDfile has reviewed the Twin Peaks Pilot DVD from Hong Kong. You can read the review here.

Mulholland Drive At Toronto Film Festival

The North American debut of Mulholland Drive will be at the 26th Toronto International Film Festival, September 6-15. The film is showing as a part of their Masters series, which features new works by internationally renowned filmmakers. Here's what they had to say about MD in the official press release:
"David Lynch brings his latest, MULHOLLAND DRIVE, a North American premiere, to the Festival. A love story set in the city of dreams, the film is also an elusive and poetic mystery revolving around two actresses, one recently arrived in Los Angeles, and the other suffering from amnesia as the result of a car accident. With a number of characters including a detective, a suspiciously friendly elderly couple, and a prying landlady lurking around them, the women struggle to make sense of their increasingly bizarre situation."

Monday, August 13, 2001

Mulholland Drive at New York Film Festival
Mulholland Drive will be the centerpiece of the 2001 New York Film Festival. It will show on October 6th.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Mulholland Drive release dates and info
John Neff (Lynch's Studio Manager and Chief Engineer) posted the following information about Mulholland Drive on the discussion board: "Mulholland Drive will be released with 50 prints in 10 cities Oct. 12, followed by 200 prints in 50 cities Oct. 19th. After that, it's anybody's guess, based on how many people buy tickets to see the show. David's movies historically do not do well at the box office, therefore the limited release. I would advise everyone to go to the theatre and see the film in the first two weeks, thereby pushing a wider release.
Unfortunately, besides the art of cinema, in which David totally believes, there is the business side of cinema. Please support the theatrical release of the film. It will help keep the films coming. The website will be up by Oct. 12, with video experiment content as well as a store to buy the new Eraserhead DVD and the Blue Bob CD, and David Lynch swag. We are working very hard to provide good content and cool things to buy. There are no sponsors or advertisers - David is fronting the total cost himself. He wants it to be fun for visitors."

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Interview with John Neff at
"David Lynch has recently completed work on Blue Bob, a CD of original material. Blue Bob, snippets of which can be heard as a free download from the website, will be sold exclusively through Lynch makes his professional debut as a guitarist on this CD, and is also credited with playing the drums and designing effects. John Neff played guitars, bass, and drums, and sang on the project. Lynch is currently deep in production on a pair of film projects designed exclusively for webcasting. "One of these, Rabbits, is a theater of the absurd kind of project. The cast is outfitted in full rabbit body suits, but act like members of a typical suburban household. There's lots of existential conversation. David and I are creating the music, and doing all of the recording and posting here at Asymmetrical Studio in Pro Tools." A second, as yet unnamed, web project is also being evolved at this time. Those who wish to take a peek at these works in progress, as well as learn more about Lynch's current activities are invited to drop in to"
The full interview can be found at Thanks to Richard Taylor for the link.

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