August 2002 News

Sunday, August 10, 2002

Korean Mulholland Drive DVD review

I've just posted LynchNet's review of the Korean Mulholland Drive DVD. For those of you in the US who don't have access to codefree players or PAL conversion, this is the disc to get! You can read the review here.

Julee Cruise new album and live performances

The Art of Being a Girl
Julee Cruise's new album "The Art of Being a Girl" will be released on August 20, 2002. "The Art of Being a Girl" is a solo project co-produced by Julee and JJ McGeehan. Guest producers include Mocean Worker, Khan, Rick Strom and Kevin Tooley. You can pre-order the cd here. Julee Cruise will be preforming live in support of her album at the Virgin Megastore Sunset on August 20 at 7p.m. Autograph signing will follow the performace. Other live dates in the near future include September 14 at New York City Joe's Pub at 7:30pm and 9:30pm and November 1 at the Paris Sci-Fi Festival

Lynch film fest in Sweeden

The Gothenburg Cinematek will be showing all of Lynch's films over the next few weeks. Thanks to Lynchnet discussion board member Marcus for the info. Here's the schedule:
13/8 The Elephant Man (Bio Draken)
27/8 Eraserhead (Bio Draken)
3/9 Blue Velvet (Bio Draken)
10/9 Wild At Heart (Bio Draken)
8/10 The Straight Story (Bio Draken)
31/8 Dune (Bio Capitol)
14/9 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Bio Capitol)
21/9 Lost Highway (Bio Capitol)

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