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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Eraserhead DVD update

John Neff posted some more information on the Eraserhead DVD delay on the discussion board:
"See, the issue is this. Dave had a hi-def transfer of the film negative made. Then that was transferred to drives, and each frame (over 130,000) were cleaned individually, in hi-def. This is very unusual. Then, the film had to be assembled, sound was resored, sound and film married up again, and the compression and authoring. The last step has killed it so far. If you watch pretty much any DVD, the end title 'crawl' is pixellated, and hops and wiggles, and sometimes even has trails. Why? It is hi-contrast B&W, the enemy of compression. Well, what is Eraserhead? Hi-contrast B&W. David wants this film, which is truly his 'baby', to be perfect. It has been compressed and authored numerous times, and there have always been artifacts and weirdities that have not been to his satisfaction. It is close. But he went away for a few weeks, and it must wait for his review. I promise you will love it. And, there is a ninety or so minute 'extra', which is interviews and observations and recollections of the time when it was made, with photos, video footage never seen before. Thanks for your patience, it will be worth it."

Lynch and Media Cleaner

Anyone who's done video for the web is probably familar with Discreet's Media Cleaner software, and that includes Lynch. Discreet's website has a spotlight story featuring Lynch's use of it on the Cannes Diary segments. You can check it out here. Thanks to Sammy Richter for the link.

Fire Walk With Me Japanese DVD release

Fire Walk With Me is being released on DVD in Japan. Looks like there's nothing new except for the Japanese trailer for the film. Also note that it lacks the 5.1 soundtrack the New Line disc has. Thanks to Denise Gannon for the info. Here are the specs:
* Catalog No.: PIBF-7377
* Media: DVD
* Number of discs (or other units): 1
* Release Date: 2002/09/26
* Price: 4935Yen(41.98 USD)
* Special Features : trailers (original & Japanese)
Edition Details:
* Running Time: 135 mins.
* DVD Video
* Color
* Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
* Aspect Ratio(s): 16:9 LB Vista
* Regional Encoding: 2
* Subtitles: Japanese
* NTSC Format
* Audio Track : English /Dolby Digital /2.0ch, Japanese /Dolby Digital /2.0ch

Monday, July 22, 2002

Davidlynch.com updates

Lynch is out of the country till next month, but there have still been a few new additions at davidlynch.com in these past weeks. Episode 4 and 5 of Rabbits is up, as well as a new video in the Industrial Soundscapes music section.

Eraserhead DVD update

The next batch of Eraserhead test discs are back from quality control. As soon as Lynch gets back in the county and takes a look at one, he should be able to OK it (assuming it meets his standards). Then the discs can be pressed and hopefully will be available from davidlynch.com in September.

Lynch comments on Vivendi's Messier

Earlier this month Jean-Marie Messier, head of Vivendi Universal was forced to resign due to falling stock prices and costly mergers. Vivendi Universal is the parent company of Canal+, who financed Lynch's last two films, as well as Universal Focus who was the American distribuitor of Mulholland Drive (both companies have since been absorbed into their parent entities). Several articles have featured a quote from Lynch on Messier:
"American film director David Lynch told French newspaper Le Monde he had met Messier just once. 'I found him charming and intelligent, but it seems like the California sun and love of money have gone to his head,' he was quoted as saying."

Blue Velvet DVD problems update

Here's an update on the list of players that have problems accessing the special features section of the Blue Velvet Special Edition DVD. The affected players are: Loewe Xemix 5006, Micromega Minium, and almost all Philips and Philips Magnavox players. It seems most any DVD player manufactured by or with parts from Phillips is having the problems, so that's most likely where the blame lies. MGM hasn't commented yet on the problems, but I'd suggest people having problems with their discs contact Philips and make them aware of the problem. I'm sure there are probably other discs that have similar problems on those players and if enough people complain sooner or later they should release a firmware update.

Julee Cruise website

Julee Cruise now has her own website. There you'll find news and information about her and her upcoming film "The End Of the Line," Directed by Alex Shaoul. The site is still under construction so be patient if you run across a section that's not there yet. The url is www.juleecruise.net.

New Lynch and Neff cd at dl.com store

Now available at the davidlynch.com store is a cd of the piece of music heard throughout Lynch's Cannes Diary series. The score single is entitled "Cannes Memory" and is available in the cd section of the store.

Korean Mulholland Drive DVD

Mulholland Drive is coming out on DVD in Korea, and like the disc in most every country but the US/Canada, it's loaded with extras. Not only that, but the Korean one is listed as all regions, and Korea is NTSC. That means people in the US/Canada can import them and should be able to play them on any player here with no problems. I have one on the way and will report on the quality once it arrives. Here are the specs on the Korean Mulholland Drive DVD:
Mulholland Dr.
Region All
English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0
English, Korean Subtitles
Anamorphic Widescreen
Making-of, Scene Selections, Cast & Crew Interviews, Highlights, Music Video, Photo Gallery, Making of, Cast & Crew Info, Production Notes, Trailer

Naomi Watts is IT

In the June 28-July 5 "It" issue of Entertainment Weekly devoted to the "the most creative people in the biz - the cutting-edge, on-the-verge, or simply better-than-ever talent behind, in front of, and on top of the scenes," Naomi Watts was named "It Quick-Change Artist." You can read the article here.

New Blue Velvet DVD ad

A new DVD ad has been popping up in various film-related magazines. Nice to see a Lynch disc getting some promotion, and this is certainly one that deserves it.

German DVD Update

Here's an update on German Lynch related DVD releases thanks to Lynchnet Discussion Board member Hop the Pop:
09.26.2002 - Blue Velvet - Special Edition
10.02.2002 - Mulholland Drive:
1,85:1 (anamorph), Deutsch (Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0, DTS), Englisch (Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0), Untertitel: Deutsch, not forced
Extras: german and american theatrical trailer, DVD-ROM-Part, Production Notes, Cast & Crew-Infos, more trailers
10.10.2002 - Twin Peaks - Season 1 (incl. Pilotfilm, 4 DVDs)
Pilot will be in english 2.0 and german mono
September 2002 - Dune: Der Wüstenplanet - Paradise Edition
DVD 1: Theatrical Cut, newly mastered in 2.35:1 (anamorph), German (Dolby Digital 5.1 EX), English (Dolby Digital 5.1, with forced german subtitles)
DVD 2: Alan Smithee-cut, english only, german subtitles optional
DVD 3: Extras: Goofs, Dune-Park, Recipes a la Dune

Japanese DVD Update

Looks like they're re-releasing Dune and Eraserhead in Japan, with new anamorphic transfers. The old DVD versions were taken from the same source as the LD transfers, so this should be a great improvement. Thanks to Denise Gannon for the info. Here are the specs:
ERASERHEAD Perfect edition (DVD) Catalog Number: PIBF-7386 Price: Yen- 3990, US$(34.26) Release Date: 23-Aug-2002
Anamorphically remastered from a new print.
Special Features : Theatrical trailers, TV spot(s) (Japan version)
Edition Details
* Running Time: 89 mins.
* DVD Video
* Color
* Layers: single-sided/single-layered
* Aspect Ratio(s): 16:9 LB Vista
* Regional Encoding: 2
* Subtitles: Japanese
* NTSC Format
* Audio Track : English /Dolby Digital /2.0ch
DUNE [Theatrical Feature] (DVD) Catalog Number: PIBF-7387 Price: Yen- 3990, US$(34.26)
Release Date: 23-Aug-2002
Anamorphically remastered from a new print.
Special Features : gallery of character stills, gallery of artworks(stills), scene chapters
Edition Details
* Running Time: 137 mins.
* DVD Video
* Color
* Layers: single-sided/dual-layered
* Aspect Ratio(s): 16:9/LB Cinemascope
* Regional Encoding: 2
* Subtitles: Japanese
* NTSC Format
* Audio Track : English /Dolby Digital /2.0ch

Italian TP DVD news

On 17th October 2002, the first season of Twin Peaks (including pilot) will be released on DVD in Italy. The listed extras include commentaries, deleted scenes, Log Lady intros, interviews and filmographies, 17 slices of pie: Caffè Mar T Diner and episode notes. Audio : Dolby Digital 5,1 ING - Dolby Digital Mono ITA SPA - Dolby Digital Mono GER. Subtitles : GER - ITA ING SPA. You can order it here or here. Thanks to Daniele Dalledonne for the info.

Monday, July 1, 2002

Singing Rabbit

Not much new Lynch news to report lately, but episode 3 of Rabbits is up at davidlynch.com. This episode features Rebekah Del Rio.

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