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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Watts in Hollywood Life

This month's issue of Hollywood Life (formerly known as Movieline before they changed the name and it became little more than a glossy tabloid) has a brief article on Naomi Watts. You can read the article here.

Quick thoughts on the new Wild At Heart DVD

We don't have time for a full review right now, so here's a quick summary of the new Wild At Heart DVD release in the Region 2 (and some 3) countries. The transfer isn't great, but watchable. There are visible halos and a fair amount of edge enhancement in the image. The aspect ratio appears to be correct finally. If you're someone who only wants to buy a film on dvd once, wait for the MGM release which will be the new Lynch supervised transfer and sound mix. But if you want a copy of Wild At Heart to hold you over until then, you might pick up a copy of this disc if you can find one for a reasonable price. It's the best we have for now.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Finally back with new updates!

Things have been pretty busy here lately, and that, combined with the lack of much new Lynch-related news is the reason for the lack of updates lately. Contrary to rumors, Lynch isn't working on any new film project or reading any scripts. He's mostly spending time working on davidlynch.com and new art projects. Either way, we're back today to get caught up all things Lynch-related. We'll also have a review of the new UK Wild At Heart DVD (just released July 7 after first being recalled in April) in the next week or so.

New Wild At Heart DVDs not Lynch's new transfer

John Neff stopped by the discussion board to shed some light on the status of Lynch's new Wild At Heart transfer:
"Dave has not finished the new transfer yet. There was a problem with the IP from the first transfer, and a new one was struck from the camera negative. David is working on that one now. So, anything on the street is not David's 'approved transfer'. it doesn't exist yet."

Naomi Watts in latest issue of Premiere

The July issue of Premiere magazine has an interview with Naomi Watts, which includes a far amount about Lynch and Mulholland Drive. You can read the article here. The same issue also had an article on what Premiere considers the 10 Hottest Sex Scenes Ever. Betty and Rita's scene from Mulholland Drive came in at number 9. You can read the Mulholland part of the article here.

Entertainment Weekly names Eraserhead top cult film

The June 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly named Eraserhead as the 14th best cult film of all time. Here's the blurb about it from the article:
"The movie opened at New York City's Cinema Village, and then played only on Saturdays, only at midnight. Soon it spread -- a traveling avant-garde event, supported by fans who wore badges that bragged, I saw it. And what was ''it''? To say ''A plotless nightmare about a shock-haired man who sires a monstrous baby'' would miss the point. Eraserhead is about that which can't be described. The only way to understand it is to be able to say, I saw it. SIGNATURE SOUND A pervasive hiss of unsettling white noise. SENSELESS ACT OF VIOLENCE The protagonist has his head ground, inexplicably, into erasers."

German Dune: Perfect Collection DVD review

We've taken a look at the new German Dune "Perfect Collection" to see if it's really worth the $100. You can check it out the review here.

Twin Peaks Fest 2003 getting closer

Just a reminder that tickets are still available for this year's Twin Peaks Festival. Planned guests this year include Dana Ashbrook, Richard Beymer, Catherine Coulson, Jan D'Arcy, Don Davis, Andrea Hays, Michael Horse, John Neff, Kimmy Robertson, Charlotte Stewart, Russ Tamblyn, Lenny Von Dohlen and Grace Zabriske. Also performing live will be Rebekah Del Rio. More details are available at the official festival site.

Lynch in Jiminy Glick film?

The June 2003 Issue of Premiere Magazine has an interview with Jiminy Glick (aka Martin Short) about his upcoming film. One of the questions is as follows:
Premiere: Is it true that David Lynch is in the movie?
"David Lynch makes a special appearance, but is it really David Lynch, or is it Martin Short? That's the big question! I'm not telling you."
I suspect that it's just Martin Short pretending to be Lynch in the film.

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