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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Rabbits Ep. 2

The second episode of Lynch's web series, "Rabbits" is up at davidlynch.com.

Blue Velvet DVD sales

The new Blue Velvet DVD failed to make it into the top 15 on either of the main video sales charts for it's first week of release. However, it was 23 on Amazon's chart (Mulholland Drive is holding steady at 12), 15 at Best Buy, 10 at Circuit City, 12 at DVD Empire, and number 4 at Tower Records. Not bad, but surprisingly low considering how impressive this new DVD is. So if you haven't picked one up yet, click on the link above to order yours. If we show MGM that their efforts on the Blue Velvet disc were worth it then they'll be more inclined to put as much work into the Wild At Heart disc.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Oddio returns

Jennfer Lynch is now out of the hospital and resuming the Oddio radio show on davidlynch.com. To be on the show, call (323) 969-8911 Tuesdays between 4-7pm. eastern (1-4 pacific). You can email questions to oddio@davidlynch.com. Of course, you'll need to be a member of davidlynch.com to hear the responses. New shows are posted to the site on Fridays.

Rabbits Episode 1

The first episode of Lynch's sitcom "Rabbits" is online at davidlynch.com.

Saturday, June 8, 2002

The IMDB is wrong - Lighthouse at the End of the World

Looks like the attack of the false information at the Internet Movie Database has occurred once again. They now have "The Lighthouse at the End of the World," based on Stephen Marlowe's novel, listed as Lynch's next project, with it opening next year. This is *NOT* true. It was a project developed by Jonathan Sanger and Christopher DeVore for the Picture Factory, but the project is now dead, and of course the Picture Factory is no more. John Neff confirmed that the project is no more, "I have not heard Lighthouse mentioned in several years. Though no one has discussed it lately, I am certain it is a dead issue." So once again, take what the IMDB says with a grain of salt. Lynch is still working on the website and music and has no plans yet for his next film. Oh well, at least this is better than when they had Lynch listed as working on Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers a few years back. :)

Friday, June 7, 2002

More on the Blue Velvet DVD problems.

We've gotten a good number of emails now from people who are having the problem we mentioned yesterday. They can't access the special features section of the disc. It just sends them back to the main menu instead. All of the players with this problem are made by Philips (the Philips 711 and Philips Magnavox 825 are the two players readers have mentioned). You can get around this problem by accessing each title by the player's menu panel, however this doesn't work for the still gallery. We've emailed MGM to get a response to this problem, though unfortunately it sounds like the problem lies with Philips.

An amusing Peaks anecdote

In honor of the Queen's birthday this week, here's a little story Foxnews.com columnist Roger Friedman reported last year:
"At the premiere of Amelie last night I ran into composer Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynchís personal composer and a guy whoís written about 40 major movie scores. He wrote the famous Twin Peaks score, which is still the bestselling movie soundtrack of original music ever.
I always thought Angelo Badalamenti had to be a composer from Italy. Wrong! Heís a 63-year old Brooklynite who lives in northern New Jersey with his lovely wife, Lonny. Who knew? Winner of many awards but no Oscars, Angelo is one of the most popular composers in Hollywood. You can hear his romantically edgy music in Lynchís current Mulholland Drive.
A few years ago, Angelo told me, he was doing some orchestrations for Paul McCartney in London. The former Beatle told him this story: Paul was invited to play at Queen Elizabethís birthday party around 1990. When he met the Queen he told her he was honored to be selected, and the Queen responded: ďIím sorry I canít stay. Itís almost 8 p.m. I have to be home to watch Twin Peaks.Ē
True or not, itís a great story. Badalamenti, who got his start at the Brill Building with Carole King, Neil Sedaka and the like, is ready for some honors, even knighthood, your Highness. He deserves it."

Thursday, June 6, 2002

Blue Velvet DVD easter eggs

If you're looking for the easter eggs on the new Blue Velvet DVD, you can find a list of them at the end of our Blue Velvet DVD review.

Problems with Blue Velvet DVD?

So far we've only had one person report this problem, but when they put in the disc and selected special features, apparently it just went back to the main menu. The player in question was a Philips 711. As I said, so far this is the only report of that, so hopefully it's just a defective disc. Mine plays fine. But if you've run into the problem as well, please email me with your player info so we can determine if the problem is more widespread.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Blue Velvet DVD review

LynchNet's Blue Velvet DVD review is now up. This is one great disc, so check out the review and then order one right away if you haven't already!

Blue Velvet interviews

NPR's Fresh Air series ran some of their archived interviews relating to Blue Velvet last Friday. You can list to them in real audio format here:
Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini, David Lynch

EW reviews the BV DVD

Last up in what's turning out to be a Blue Velvet themed batch of updates is Entertainment Weekly's review of the DVD. You can read it here.

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