Rollin' Down (To My House)
Thank You, Judge
I Cannon Do That
Factory Interlude (instrumental)
Blue Horse (instrumental)
Bad Night
Mountains Falling
Ge Get Some (instrumental)
Pink Western Range
Marilyn Monroe
City of Dreams

Lyrics: David Lynch
Vocals: John Neff
All Instruments played by John Neff and David Lynch
Recorded April 1998 - March 2000 at Asymmetrical Studio

Blue Bob is available exclusively from the store. You do not have to be a memeber of the site to order from the store.

Blue Bob is a music idea based on the pounding machinery of the smokestack industry and the raw amplified birth of rock and roll. The music is inspired by machines, fire, smoke and electricity. By submerging itself in the ever reverberating golden past, Blue Bob is trying to poke forward.

The first video released from the album is "Thank You Judge." It features Naomi Watts playing the wife, Eli Roth playing her boyfriend, David Lynch playing Billy Groper and John Neff playing the main character. You can view the video online at A second video to the song 911, featuring Laura Elena Harring, will be on the site as well. Three videos are planned from the album.

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