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David Lynch describes Dumbland as "a crude, stupid, violent, absurd series." Download the first two episodes of Dumbland from Atom Films here.
More episodes are online at DavidLynch.com. To view them, you need to be a member of the site, though in the future you'll be able to get them via pay per view. But considering the cost of membership is only $10 a month, you might as well go the membership route.

Dumbland Episode Guide:
Episode 1: Two neighbors chat over a fence.
Episode 2: The family has bad luck with a treadmill, and a salesman shows up at the wrong time.
Episode 3: An electrical accident leads to visit from a doctor who's bedside manner leaves something to be desired.
Episode 4: A new clothesline presents problems and a friend visits.
Episode 5: A man gets a stick caught in his mouth. The main character "helps" him.
Episode 6: Violence and noise escalate.
Episode 7:

July 13, 2000
Shockwave goes Hollywood
By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

SAN FRANCISCO Director David Lynch has gone to Dumbland. The cult director, best known for the 1986 film Blue Velvet, the 1990 TV series Twin Peaks and last year's The Straight Story, now spends his days in front of a home computer, making animated shorts for Shockwave.com using software called Flash.

Describing Dumbland as a weekly offering of "stupid, coarse humor," Lynch sits at his Apple iMac, drawing images with his mouse, animating them, providing the voices, composing and performing the background music. All by himself.

"I like this (Flash) technology, and I like the company," says Lynch, 54. "They're the kind of people who will help define what the Internet is. It's modern thinking and the right way to go."

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