September 2002

Movies As A Muse - Dunes Day

David Lynch's visually charged Dune is a bounty of inspiration for L.A. designer Jared Gold.

"Dune has to be one of the most artistically complex and daring projects in the history of film. Even more inspiring than the costumes is the film's artistic structure. The subtle, regal color nuances of the set work communicates in code with the costuming and is hybridized with the characters, who are both superhuman and deeply corrupted. Ail of this spins an even more sublime story than the plot alone portrays," says Gold. "Dune speaks to me in a language that has no words and thus no boundaries or definition. In producing my collections, I strive to cross familiar and defined elements with invented ones to give birth to wonder, confusion, attraction or repulsion. Synergy between opposing elements. Pure creation."

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