LynchNet Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this David Lynch's official site?

No. Lynch's official site is There you can find new original web series, pictures, short films, experiments and other Lynch-original goodies. It's a pay site but is well worth the $10 a month.
LynchNet is a fan run site not connected with David Lynch. So please don't send email to him here!

2. Do you know how I can contact David Lynch?

Yes. The easiest way to get in touch with him is via his website, He's usually in the chat room there for a while in the evenings.
Other than that, you can try sending him mail at:
Asymmetrical Productions
PO Box 931540
Hollywood, CA 90093
Keep in mind that, like most filmmakers or studios, for legal reasons he can't accept unsolicited scripts and works.

3. Will you make a copy for me of (insert Lynch film or TV show here)?

No. Besides the obvious copyright issues, unfortunately I just don't have the time to make copies of things for people. Add to that some bad experiences with trying to help people out in the past, and I've pretty much developed a strict no copy rule. Most of Lynch's works are starting to see the light of day again thanks to the resurgence of his popularity brought on by Mulholland Drive and Straight Story, so you'll probably be able to find them eventually. Also, be sure to ask around on either the discussion board or the email list, as there are usually pleanty of friendly folks there who will be happy to work out a trade with you.

4. How can I purchase Lynch's works on VHS/DVD?

You can buy any of them that are in print from via the LynchNet store. Eraserhead and Lynch's short films can be purchased on DVD from the store. For out of print stuff, you can usually find it at ebay.

5. Can I use pictures/articles from your site on mine?

Sure. All I ask is a link back to my site in exchange. But please don't link to the picture itself directly, as it'll waste bandwidth here. Save the image and upload it to your own site. And keep in mind, you'll want to keep any copyright information attached, as I don't hold the copyrights on things such as pictures or articles.

6. Is it okay if I link to your site?

Of course! Link exchanges are always welcome. If you wish, you can use the banner below on your site for the link.
LynchNet banner
But again, please save the image onto your own site, don't directly link to the image.

7. Why did you create this site?

Years ago, when the web was just starting, there was just one short page devoted to David Lynch. Since I wanted to start learning html, I figured what better way to work on my skills than by creating a site devoted to my favorite filmmaker. As I went along, the site just grew and grew until it became the resource it is today. There was a brief shutdown of the site during 2000 due to lack of funds, but thanks to falling web hosting prices the site is now back up and hopefully here to stay. It still costs $75 a month to run, but that's a lot better than the $350 a month it cost back in 1999!

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