Ingrid Brucato - "The Curious Woman"

Ingrid Brucato as the "Curious Woman" in Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me.

"I got the job, because David Lynch picked my photo out of about 50. I was on file with White Light Casting and, in addition to the usual "beauty photos", I sent them one of me as a boozer, looking as drunk and horrible as can be."

"When told to come to the set for that part - half way to the set our car stopped. An oil pipe had broken and it was running"dry". With the help of a policeman, I contacted the casting office at the set and told them: 'We are stuck here. Just forget about me - get someone else'. The answer was: 'They want you and we are sending someone down there to pick you up'.

"I worked two days for that short trailer scene. Harry Dean Stanton told me during a pause that my part was a difficult one. They all were terrific. I loved working for David Lynch. It was a hot summer day. I was dressed in warm wool clothing, with two make-up women working on me, one drenching my hair with vaseline and dust and when I complained a little David Lynch said to me "You asked for the job"! (But I didn't know what was involved). Anyhow, David Lynch is one terrific director. Once he told me and I'll never forget it - in filming or in life: " "Ingrid, less is more!"

"Al (her husband) and I also worked in the TV series in an episode taking place in the Inn (cafe?, restaurant?), but we are not visible."

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