Fire Walk With Me Sounds
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hear.gif Gordon: "Get me Agent Chester Desmond out in Fargo, North Dakota."

hear.gif Gordon: "A young girl's been murdered, 17 years old, named Teresa Banks."

hear.gif Gordon: "Her name is Lil. She's my mother's sister's girl."

hear.gif Wasting the time of the Federal Government.

hear.gif The cost of the office furniture.

hear.gif Irene is her name.

hear.gif Irene: "Who's the toehead?"

hear.gif "Are you talking about that little girl that got murdered?"

hear.gif "I know shit from shinola."

hear.gif Irene: "You want to hear about our specials? We don't have any."

hear.gif Carl: "That goddamn trailer is more popular than uncle's day at a whore house. You see what I mean?"

hear.gif Carl has already gone places.

hear.gif The phone has a little ring.

hear.gif Gordon: "Meet the long lost Phillip Jefferies. You may have heard of him from the academy."

hear.gif Jefferies: "Well now. I'm not going to talk about Judy. I fact, we're not going to talk about Judy at all. We're going to keep her out of it."

hear.gif Jefferies: "Who do you think this is there?"

hear.gif MFAP: "Garmonbozia"

hear.gif MFAP: "This is a formica table. Green is it's color."

hear.gif MFAP: With this ring, I thee wed."

hear.gif "Electricity"

hear.gif Carl: "God damn these people are confusing."

hear.gif "Mike is the man!"

hear.gif Bobby: "Laura Palmer, see you later!"

hear.gif Laura: "Gobble gobble."

hear.gif Laura taunts Bobby.

hear.gif Laura: "Nighttime is my time."

hear.gif Laura: "Yes, James is very sweet. Why don't you get out your violin Donna?"

hear.gif Laura and Donna talk about falling through space.

hear.gif Laura: Fire walk with me."

hear.gif Cooper describes the next victim. Albert responds.

hear.gif Tremond's Grandson: "The man behind the mask is looking for the book with the pages torn out."

hear.gif Leland: "How do you know what she likes?"

hear.gif MFAP: "Do you know who I am? I am the arm. And I sound like this..."

hear.gif Cooper: "Don't take the ring Laura. Don't take the ring.

hear.gif Annie has a message from the lodge.

hear.gif Leo: "The first thing your going to learn is to have a good attitude, that's the key. Anybody will tell you that.

hear.gif Bobby: "The football's empty. I'm looking for Santa Clause."

hear.gif Bobby: "Are you telling me there's no Santa Clause."

hear.gif Laura is going nowhere fast.

hear.gif Donna: "If I had a nickel for every cigerette your mom smoked, I'd be dead."

hear.gif The Log Lady talks to Laura.

hear.gif Laura: "So, you wanna fuck the homecoming queen?"

hear.gif Does Laura go all the way?

hear.gif Donna: "Let's boggie."

hear.gif Jacques: "There's no tomorrow..."

hear.gif Jacques: "I am the great went."

hear.gif Laura: "I am the muffin."

hear.gif Jacques: "And what a muffin you've got."

hear.gif Jacques: "I'm as blank as a fart."

hear.gif Laura: "Chugalug Donna."

hear.gif Laura: "Life is full of mysteries Donna."

hear.gif Teresa: "Hey hansome."

hear.gif Laura: "Who are you? Who are you really?"

hear.gif "You like that little girl."

hear.gif Laura: "Bobby you killed Mike."

hear.gif James and Laura: "You always hurt the ones you love." "You mean the ones you pity."

hear.gif Laura: "You don't even know me..."

hear.gif Laura: "I love you James!"

hear.gif MFAP and Mike "Bob, I want all my garmonbozia."

hear.gif Monkey: "Judy"

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