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Images shows the progression of Lynch's avant-garde style of filmmaking - from his very first short films, to his status as the ultimate cult director with Eraserhead, to the commercial successes of The Elephant Man and Blue Velvet, and the creation of his television series Twin Peaks, which made it into - and forever altered - the mainstream. Here are many familiar scenes: the gasmasked Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet, the squalling baby from Eraserhead, Dune's octopus-faced interstellar navigators, Nicholas Cage singing "Love Me Tender" to Laura Dern in Wild At Heart, and Kyle MacLachlan as FBI agent Dale Cooper.

Much of the book, however, is composed of the images Lynch has kept to himself, and these are as fascinating and possibly more bizarre than any of his films. In addition to the stills from his movies, TV series, and theater work, are private, personal, never-before-seen paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, short works of fiction, and organic art. This is the artwork David creates for himself and his closest friends: photographs of his unusual obsessions from spark plugs and industrial wastelands to dental surgery and bald women, suburban snowmen, and biological artwork, such as "The Fish Kit."

Images is a lavish exploration of Lynch's private world where his restless creativity knows no limits and where the perverse, disturbing, and erotic are the norm. It is an exclusive glimpse into the mind and inner life of a man many consider to be possessed by genius.
-From the Images jacket.

Images Contents:
Moving Images:
Fire Walk With Me
Industrial Symphony
Wild At Heart
Twin Peaks
The Cowboy and the Frenchman
Blue Velvet
The Elephant Man
Alphabet, The Grandmother
The Amputee

Paintings and Drawings
Ricky Boards and Bee Boards
Organic Phenomena
Fish Kit
Chicken Kit
Snowmen from Boise
Postmodern Mood Structures
Nudes and Smoke
Spark Plugs
Meaningless Conversations
Dental Hygiene

*Note: Many people have asked why I don't have more pictures from Images on this page. Consider this: if I did, why would you need to go buy Lynch's book? I would then be depriving Lynch of some of his much deserved income. Unlike pictures from his films, pictures from Images would be exactly the same as those in the book. Not only that, but many of the pictures are available on Lynch's official site at Therefore, I won't be putting Images pictures on this page.

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