Industrial Symphony #1
By David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti
Featuring Julee Cruise

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Industrial Symphony

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Each year the Brooklyn Academy of Music has a special performance to open their New Wave Music Festival. For the 1989 festival, the Academy approached Lynch and Badalamenti to perform two 45 minute shows on November 10, 1989. They only had two weeks to prepare for the show, leaving little time to come up with an idea and rehearse. Taking the title from a collection of his works produced while he was at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Lynch and Badalameni worked Julee Cruise's music together with various imagry to produce a unique concert performance. Lynch shot a new film sequence of a phone conversation between a guy and girl breaking up, featuring Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern whom he was currently shooting Wild At Heart with. As with any live performance, there were a few problems. The digital tape used for the soundtrack stopped during rehearsal and had to be quickly relpaced. During the first performance, the man in the deer on stilts costume started to fall over into the orchestra pit. Lynch recalled, "It was my first live thing and I learned that many things go wrong and many, many, many more things almost go wrong."1 Problems aside, the show made it through it's two performances, and the video proved to be a fairly good seller. It is currently out of print in the US, but is still available in the UK.

1. Chris Rodley (editor), p.209 "Lynch on Lynch," Faber and Faber, 1997

Most of the music in the concert can be found on Julee Cruise's two albums, Floating into the Night and The Voice of Love

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