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hear.gif Fred: "Dick Laurant is Dead."

hear.gif Fred and Renee discuss laughing.

hear.gif Renee: "It must be from a real estate agent."

hear.gif Renee: "It's okay."

hear.gif Fred: "It wasn't you. It looked like you. But it wasn't you."

hear.gif Fred and Renee discuss the dog.

hear.gif Renee calls the police about the tape.

hear.gif Fred: "I like to remember things my own way..."

hear.gif The Mystery Man and Fred converse

hear.gif Mystery Man: "We've met before, haven't we?"

hear.gif Renee talks about meeting Andy.

hear.gif Renee: "Fred, where are you?"

hear.gif Cop: "Sit down killer!"

hear.gif Guard: "If you need anything just ask the concierge."

hear.gif Guard: "Stick your hand out chief."

hear.gif Guard: "Shit, that wife killer's looking pretty fucked up..."

hear.gif Guard: "This is some spooky shit we got here."

hear.gif Pete's going out with these clowns.

hear.gif Shelia: "Do you still care about me?"

hear.gif Arnie: "Petey's back!"

hear.gif Arnie discusses pricing.

hear.gif Mr. Eddy: "Where's Pete?!".

hear.gif Mr. Eddy can take care of a problem.

hear.gif Mr. Eddy: "Beautiful. Smooth as shit from a duck's ass."

hear.gif Mr. Eddy: "It's a beautiful day."

hear.gif Mr. Eddy: "This where mechincal excellence..."

hear.gif Mr. Eddy: "Don't you ever fuckin' tailgate!"

hear.gif Mr Eddy: "You like pornos?..."

hear.gif Phil: "I like that."

hear.gif Phil: "Holy smokes!"

hear.gif Alice: "How'd you like to take me to dinner?"

hear.gif Alice: "Maybe we should just skip dinner."

hear.gif Hank: "Fucker gets more pussy than a toilet seat."

hear.gif Alice: "Meow, meow. It's me."

hear.gif Pete: "Hey baby."

hear.gif Alice: "I can't see you tonight."

hear.gif Cops: "What a fucking job..."

hear.gif Mr. Eddy threatens Pete.

hear.gif Alice: "He'll kill us."

hear.gif Alice talks about a place called Mokes.

hear.gif Pete: "You liked it, huh?"

hear.gif Shelia: "You're fucking somebody else, aren't you?"

hear.gif Shelia: "You are different!"

hear.gif The Mystery Man talks about the far east.

hear.gif Mr. Eddy expresses concern for Pete.

hear.gif Alice: "You got him."

hear.gif Alice: "Wow."

hear.gif Alice: "We have to get out of here."

hear.gif Pete: "Is that you? Are both of them you?"

hear.gif Alice: What's the matter?"

hear.gif Alice: "Stick this in your pants."

hear.gif Alice: "Come on baby."

hear.gif Alice: "We have to go to the desert baby."

hear.gif Alice: "We'll have to wait."

hear.gif Pete: "Why me Alice? Why choose me?"

hear.gif Alice: "You'll never have me."

hear.gif Mystery Man: "Here I am."

hear.gif Mystery Man: "Her name is Renee..."

hear.gif Mystery Man: "What the fuck is your name?!"

hear.gif Mr. Eddy: "What do you guys want?"

hear.gif Mr. Eddy's dying comments.

hear.gif Cops: ...There's no such thing as a bad considence.

hear.gif Fred: "Dick Laurant is dead."

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