Main City: David Lynch's Place  LynchLink

The Twin Peaks Gazette Another good source of Lynch news.

Pretty As a Picture: The Art of David Lynch Not only can you order the Lynch documentary here, but there's also tons of pictures and sound clips relating to Lynch.

Casanostra Furniture designed by Lynch

David Lynch in Prague Petr Ohnut's page on Lynch's recent visit to the Czech Republic. Also includes an Angelo Badalamenti in Prague interview.

A Strange World A web page from the authors of the book by the same name.

David Lynch TV schedule Find out when Lynch films are playing on television.

Angelo Badalamenti A page devoted to Angelo Badalamenti, composer for all of Lynch's films since Blue Velvet.

Ringo's Twin Peaks Transcript Emporium Transcripts from the Twin Peaks episodes as well as the scripts from here.

The Cinemarquee Academy of Dramatic Arts A cinema resource/learning center

Authorship and the Films of David Lynch

French David Lynch site

Roland In Lynchland Archives of almost all posters related to Lynch as well as some for purchase.

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