Premiere July 2003

The 10 Hottest Sex Scenes Ever

We like to watch. We think you do, too. Now grab your remote - make sure it's your remote - and go straight to the good parts of these classic depictions of screen heat. By Glenn Kenny

9. Mulholland Drive (2001) Director: David Lynch. Time Code: 100 minutes. One could watch this scene a thousand times (no wisecracks, please) and still not be able to pinpoint who initiates its amorous component. After, um, Betty (Naomi Watts) helps, um, Rita (Laura Elena Harring) devise a - gee, is it her third? - persona by putting a silvery-blond wig on her, the duo's rompings as would be girl detectives turn even more strangely desperate, and poignant, and the pair find themselves achingly alone, and achingly, well, horny. After a good-night kiss turns passionate, Betty asks Rita, "Have you ever done this before?" prompting the amnesiac's classic response: "I don't know. Have you?" Betty says, "I want to ... with you," and all abandon is abandoned. The ensuing love scene is one glimpse of heaven before the two descend into a distinctly Lynchian hell. And to thing this scene would have never been shot had ABC accepted Lynch's pilot for the proposed Mulholland Drive series ... Best Seen: The Universal Studios DVD has no chapter stops. So just watch the movie again, why don't you?

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