On the Air

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Ruth tries to calm Betty. (76k)

Gochktch directs and Ruth translates. (49k)

"Blinky Watts is not blind..." (121k)

The future of the network. (102k)

Budwaller makes a wisecrack. (88k)

Budwaller describes Betty. (30k)

"We have a hit on our hands!" (60k)

Lester's garden. (60k)

Betty is confused. (181k)

People in South Dakota (51k)

The Hurry-Up Twins (39k)

Budwaller kisses up to Mr. Zoblotnick. (30k)

Looking for Prof. Answer's I.Q. (36k)

Budwaller tries to save the prison scene...using the wrong script! (30k)

"Betty and Sylvia are like oil and water..." (52k)

Budwaller puts Mr. Peanuts in his place. (97k)

"...see if Humpty here has any egg-whites left." (27k)

Sylvia threatens Mr. Peanuts. (113k)

Budwaller is all choaked up over the Mr. Peanuts song. (45k)

Budwaller doesn't like being mistreated. (69k)

Budwaller is not happy about the Woman With No Name being on the show. (68k)

Budwaller is having a rough day. (81k)

This is not a trend. (102k)

Betty and the beatnik sax player converse. (630k)

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