Straight Story Awards

Richard Farnsworth was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his role in Straight Story.
The Soundtrack was nominated for a Golden Globe
The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures has named The Straight Story as one of the ten best films of 1999.
At the European Film Awards on Saturday, December 4 1999, The Straight Story won the Best non-European film award.
Richard Farnsworth won Best Actor and Freddie Francis won best Cinematography for Straight Story in the New York Film Critics 1999 Awards.
Richard Farnsworth received the Grace Prize for most inspirational performance at the Christian Film and Television Commission's Eighth Annual Movie Guide Awards
David Lynch won the 1999 San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Director for Straight Story.
Straight Story was nominated for four Independent Spirit Awards for Best Film, Best Director (Lynch), Best Actor (Farnsworth) and Best First Screenplay (John Roach & Mary Sweeney). Only Farnsworth won.
The Straight Story won the best film award for mature audiences at the eighth annual Movieguide Awards.

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