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"We're waitin'!

"What's the number for 911?"

"I'm gonna live to be 100."

"Uncle Lyle has had a stroke."

"I have to go see Lyle"

"I'm not dead yet."

"Havin' a party?"

"Wisconsin! I hear that is a real party state!"

"I hate braunswager"

"Sig, you're one nosey sun of a gun!"

"What do you need that grabber for?"

"The sky is sure full of stars tonight."

"He'll never make it past the grotto."

"I always thought you were a smart man...until now."

Weiners for dinner.

"Eat your dinner missy"

"A warm bed beats eating a hotdog on a stick..."

Alvin's family story.

The worse part of being old is remembering when you were young.

"Where do they come from?!"

Alvin's not scared of an Iowa cornfield.

"That's why I married you, despite what my mother said."

"There's no that knows your life better than a bother near your age."

"A brother's a brother.

"Now I'm gonna have me a cold beer."

"Did you ride that thing all the way out here to see me?"

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