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cover Lynch on Lynch
by David Lynch, Chris Rodley

An extensive interview with Lynch by Chris Rodley. Covers everything up through Lost Highway
cover The Complete Lynch
by David Hughes

A handy guide to everything Lynch, broken down by each work. Covers everything up through the TV version of Mulholland Drive
Pervert in the Pulpit - Morality in the Works of David Lynch
by Jeff Johnson
cover Lost Highway
by David Lynch, Barry Gifford

The completely screenplay to Lost Highway, including scenes not in the film
cover Blue Velvet
Bloomsbury Movie Guide No. 3
by Charles Drazin

A guide to the film with subjects listed alphabetically. There are some errors, but it's not a bad place to start.
cover Blue Velvet
by Michael Atkinson

An study of the film.
coverThe Straight Story : A Screenplay
by Mary Sweeny, John Roach

The screenplay of the film.
cover The Passion of David Lynch : Wild at Heart in Hollywood
by Martha P. Nochimson

An in depth study of Lynch's works. Covers everything up through Lost Highway
cover Weirdsville U.S.A.: The Obsessive Universe of David Lynch
by Paul A. Woods

This book has some good information, but is also full of errors (though they may have been fixed in the updated version). The original edition covered though Lost Highway. The revision covers up though the TV version of Mulholland Drive
cover David Lynch (Twayne's Filmmakers Series)
by Kenneth C. Kaleta

On of the first books about Lynch. Covers up through Wild At Heart
cover Full of Secrets : Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks
by David Lavery (Editor)

Academic essays on the series Twin Peaks and it's fans.
cover The Elephant Man
by Christine Sparks

The original novel the film was based on.
cover Dune
by Frank Herbert

The original novel the film was based on.
cover Wild at Heart : The Story of Sailor and Lula
by Barry Gifford

The original novel the film was based on
cover The Wild Life of Sailor and Lula
by Barry Gifford

The sequel novel to "Wild At Heart"
cover Perdita Durango
by Barry Gifford

A spin-off novel of Wild At Heart featuring the character Perdita.
cover Some of Me
by Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini's autobiography includes a few stories about Lynch, as well as some stories from Blue Velvet and Wild At Heart.
cover The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
by Marilyn Manson

Includes an introduction written by David Lynch

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