Twin Peaks Articles

People Magazine April 2, 1990: Pics and Pans

Entertainment Weekly April 6, 1990:
The Triumph of 'Twin Peaks'
Why TV Had To Make 'Peaks'
The Foreign Version
A 'Peaks' Travelogue
Creative Contrasts: Making Moody Music
Television: Twin Peaks

Newsweek May 7, 1990: Psychic Moms and Cherry Pie

People Magazine May 14, 1990:
Cryptic Dreams, A Dead Prom Queen, Dwarf Back Talk - Here, At Last, is A Guide To What Twin Peaks Is All About
A Woman of Mystery Logrolls to Fame
Quiet Snoqualmie is Nothing Like Its Evil Twin

Donahue: The Cast of "Twin Peaks" May 21, 1990 transcript

Newsweek May 28, 1990: The Mystery Solved at Last

TV Guide September 8-14, 1990: Best-selling authors resolve the TP mystery

Entertainment Weekly September 26, 1990: Review

Entertainment Weekly March 8, 1991: Saturday Night Dead

WorldVision Sept. 1991 News Release For Home Video Release
Press Release in HTML format
Original Press Release in PDF format

TV Guide June28-July 4, 1997: 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time

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