Wild At Heart DVD Contest


Diane Davidson
Daniel Gonzalez
John Gruber
Jason Allan Haase
Jung Lah

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all 153 people who entered! Watch for more exciting contests to come from LynchNet. Thanks to MGM Home Entertainment for providing the prizes for this contest!

Questions and Answers:

1. When Johnnie Farragut disappears, where does the note left for Marietta say he's gone?
"Gone fishing with a friend. And maybe buffalo hunting too." Any part of this was accepted as a correct answer.

2. Where does Sailor kill Bob Ray Lemon?
Cape Fear, somewhere near the border between North and South Carolina, Bay St. Clement Hotel, on the stairs. Any part of this was accepted as a correct answer.

3. What does Sailor's snakeskin jacket symbolize?
A symbol of his individuality and his belief in personal freedom.

4. Sailor realizes he belongs with Lula via a visit from what Wizard of Oz character?
The Good Witch

5. What Elvis song will Sailor only sing to his wife?
Love Me Tender

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