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Friday, November 29, 2001

Mulholland Clips online!

There are now six clips from Mulholland Drive in quicktime format available on the movies page.

Reason for Twin Peaks DVD delay

The Digital Bits is reporting that the reason for the Twin Peaks 1st Season DVD delay is not due to authoring or content issues, but rather because demand is much higher than expected. This is great news! If this set sells well, then we'll certainly see the second season on DVD, and it'll go a long way towards convincing New Line there's a market to spend the extra $$$ for the deleted scenes for FWWM. Petitions and letters are nice, but money talks. So be sure to buy the Peaks DVD when it comes out if you want to see more Peaks DVD content in the future.

Badalamenti interview

The full version of the Screen International interview with Angelo Badalamenti is now online. You can read it here.
Thanks to Rasmus Thord for the article.

Last weekend's Mulholland numbers

Mulholland Drive's box office take for the Holiday Weekend was $176,695, bringing its seven week total to $4,980,763. It's down to only 95 theaters. People have asked how this compares to other Lynch films, so here are the domestic box office numbers that were available for all of Lynch's other films (no numbers for Elephant Man and Eraserhead could be found):
Dune: $27.4 million
Blue Velvet: $8.6 million
Wild At Heart: $14,535,649
Fire Walk With Me: $4,160,851
Lost Highway: $3,813,526
The Straight Story: $6,142,800

Saturday, November 24, 2001

David Lynch and Bambi don't mix

ifilm has a new Sony Playstation ad that they claim was done by Lynch here. But it wasn't. John Neff posted on the discussion board that Lynch only did one Playstation ad for the British/Euro TV launch campaign (The Third Place). Any after that are not done by Lynch.

Naomi Watts wins Movieline award

Movieline magazine will present its first annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards honoring Naomi Watts (best female breakthrough perforance) for Mulholland Drive, Tuesday, November 27. Nicole Kidman will present the award to longtime friend Watts.

Lynch and Badalamenti do Broadway?

The following was reported in Screen Internationals (2-8 Nov) Up-Close on Badalamenti:
"Badalamenti has busy diary these days. There are several soundtrack, remixes and original albums in the works as well as several films, including Jez Butterworth's Birthday Girl amd Bob Gosse's Julie Johnson. And, as usual, there is a Lynch project on the cards- a Broadway musical that will keep Badalamenti busy and is sure to get Lynch die-hards salivating. "David would love me to buy a home adjacent to his", says Badalamenti. "Of course, I wouldn't have any life if I did. He would call me up at 7.30m in the morning and say, 'Come on, lets make music. Just play'".
Thanks to Rasmus Thord for the article.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Mulholland weekend box office

Mulholland Drive took in $222,395 this weekend, bringing it's domestic total to $4,691,058. It's down to 139 theaters.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Official Artisan Press Release for Twin Peaks DVD

By Popular Demand Artisan Home Entertainment Presents the Cult Phenomenon

Twin Peaks: The First Season

Digitally Remastered with DTS Surround Sound

SANTA MONICA, CA (November 15, 2001) - Artisan Home Entertainment is proud to present the legendary, cult television series, Twin Peaks: The First Season, for the first time ever on Special Edition DVD. This wildly imaginative and darkly comic television series is the first to be digitally remastered with DTS Digital Surround Sound for DVD. The maverick film noire producer/director, David Lynch, created a huge cult following with the classic and surreal television series, Twin Peaks, starring Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Joan Chen, Piper Laurie, Laura Flynn Boyle and Sherilyn Fenn. This special edition DVD will be released on 4 discs with the first 7 Twin Peaks episodes in a collectible "reveal" packaging for only $59.98 on December 18, 2001 (366 minutes).

The special edition Twin Peaks DVD is packed with special features including all of the following; newly remastered high-definition transfers of the original television program, full screen version, DTS Digital Surround Sound, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround, 2.0 Dolby Digital Surround, interactive menus, scene access, digitally mastered, select episode analysis by the directors, new in-depth interviews with the cast and crew including: series co-creator, Mark Frost, writers, directors, film and television experts, optional Log Lady introductions to each episode, script notes: optional guide to the "unseen Twin Peaks" rare archival material from Wrapped in Plastic; the official Twin Peaks magazine.


After the brutal killing of Twin Peaks Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer, Agent Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan) discovers the small town is seething with deadly secrets and killer cherry pie. Then, Cooper interprets an unusual dream about the murder, has tea with the Log Lady, finds a macabre crime scene in the woods and is determined to solve the mystery.

Artisan Entertainment Inc. is a leading independent entertainment company that develops, produces and distributes entertainment product in the theatrical, home entertainment and television arenas through its two wholly owned operating divisions, Artisan Pictures and Artisan Home Entertainment.

The Artisan Pictures division is responsible for the development, production, marketing and distribution of the Company's annual slate of theatrical films. In addition, Artisan Pictures operates Landscape Pictures, an independent production company that concentrates on developing and producing motion pictures in the over $20 million budget range for release by third-party major studios. Artisan Pictures' television division develops and produces made-for-television movies, series programming, and miniseries for nearly all of the broadcast and cable networks. Artisan Pictures currently has a joint venture with Marvel Enterprises to develop, produce and distribute character-based programming across multimedia outlets.

The Artisan Home Entertainment division has an extensive library of over 6,700 titles which includes its own properties, as well as a wide spectrum of films from Academy Award(r) winning classics to blockbusters and cult favorites. Artisan's Family Home Entertainment unit, FHE, distributes video and DVD products for such brands as Mattel's Barbie, The Baby Einstein Company, Discovery Networks, Hallmark Home Entertainment, The Hallmark Hall of Fame and Scholastic's Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Thursday, November 15, 2001 delayed

The opening of Lynch's own website,, had been delayed till December 1 while they finish de-buging it. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait!

Rebekah Del Rio Live

Rebekah Del Rio, seen in Mulholland Drive, will be playing live in Los Angeles on Monday, November 19th at "The Gig" in Hollywood. Showtime is 7:00pm. There is a $15 cover charge to get in. Call (323) 936-4440 for more information.

Dumbland online!

The first two episodes of Lynch's new shockwave series "Dumbland" are online at AtomFilms. You can find them here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Mulholland Drive weekend box office

This weekend it took in $383,075 in 199 theaters. That brings Mulholland's total domestic box office to $4,315,443.

Friday, November 9, 2001

Twin Peaks DVD street date change

Release of the first season DVD set of Twin Peaks has been pushed back to December 18. No word on what caused the delay.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

New Lynch Articles

Several new Lynch-related articles today. First, a couple new Mulholland Drive artices from Creative Screenwriting and FilmMaker magazines. Next up, an article on Lynch from Guerrilla Filmmaker magazine. Lastly, a new review of Lynch on Lynch from Creative Screenwriting magazine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Mulholland Weekend Box Office

Mulholland's box office take was $541,015 for the weekend, bringing it's domestic total to $3,725,658. It's down to 213 theaters. Come on people, get into those theaters and see the film more times! Lynch's films don't usually make much money to begin with, and the less they make the less chance theater owners will be willing to book them in the future. to open soon?

Rumor going around the net is that the site will open on November 16. No word if it's true or not, and there's always a chance they'll be more technical delays. But it's coming soon, that's for sure. So get those credit cards out and ready!

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Lynch To Open New Studio?
The following was reported on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website:

Weir to open movie studio in Poland
Australian Peter Weir has joined the avant-garde United States director David Lynch and British director Roland Joffein in plans to open a movie studio in Poland's movie capital of Lodz.
The three say they hope to have the studio up and running by next year.
In addition to producing films, the studio will also to organise classes and internships for students from film schools in central and western Europe.
Lodz's cinema school has produced some of Poland's finest directors including Roman Polanski, Andrzej Wajda, and Krzysztof Kieslowski.

New EW Article

This weeks Entertainment Weekly has an article where Lynch discusses all his film. Read it here.

Lynch on Leno Transcript

Read it here. I should have a video clip of it up shortly.

Lynch Note to Projectionists

Too bad more of them don't follow his request:
Click on the image for a larger view. Thanks to Defunct for the image.

Mulholland Weekend Box Office

Mulholland Drive took in $685,448 over the weekend, putting it at number 18. It's down to 239 theaters, so I guess this is as wide as it's going to get. Total box office as of Sunday is $2,926,493.

Request to Lynch Fans from Eli Roth

Hello All,
Some of you may have read this post, which I put up a week ago. I am making a gift for David Lynch that I will give to him on his birthday, as gift from all the fans. (I have worked with David producing content for his website, helping transfer his films to DVD, and he is now exec producing my horror film "Cabin Fever.) I want to make a collage of photographs of theaters where MD is playing all over the world. For those of you who are going to go see it, if you take a photograph of the theater I will incorporate it into the collage. I want David to see what it looks like to have his movie playing all over the world. I think he'll really get a kick out of it, especially if there are crowds outside the theater with his film on the marquis.
Please send all photographs to:
Eli Roth
Down Home Entertainment
1014 Mill Avenue
Suite 195
High Point, N.C. 27260
I do not need digital pictures, just hard copies of photographs. And please spread the word! The more photos the better.
P.S. This is going to be a surprise, so if you find yourself in a chat room with him or at a message board on his site (which launches in November, probably around Thanksgiving) please keep it a secret.

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