David Lynch launches new site with Macs and 4D David Lynch launches new site with Macs and 4D
Tue Mar 5,10:41 AM ET

by Jim Dalrymple

David Lynch, director of Hollywood cult classics for TV and the big screen, today officially launched his new Web site. Lynch, a big Mac fan, utilized software from 4D Inc., Macromedia's Flash, as well as hardware and software from Apple to build and maintain the Web site.

With his reputation secure as one of the most original and unusual directors in film today, David Lynch's career spans three decades. Lynch first came to public notice in the late 1970's with the release of the cult film Eraserhead. His credits also include the mid-80's film noir Blue Velvet and the offbeat television series (and later motion picture) Twin Peaks. Lynch's dark and often violent vision continued through the 1990s to today with movies including Wild at Heart, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive.

Lynch is running his site on! 14 G4s using WebStar, 4th Dimension database and the 4D Business Kit, all from 4D Inc.

The WebSTAR Server Suite features Web, FTP, Mail and Proxy servers integrated in a modular application, with secure, IP-based remote administration. WebSTAR V will take advantage of the speed and stability of Mac OS X, according to Brendan Coveney, 4D president and CEO. The recently released 4D Business Kit includes tools to build online catalogs, shopping carts, payment systems, tax calculation, shipping, customer management and order tracking. The package includes two stores, with five store expansion packs also available. 4th Dimension is a relational database and the company's flagship product.

Eric Bassett, the designer of DavidLynch.com, spent some time recently in Beverly Hills to talk to us about the project and David's choice of equipment. Bassett has worked very closely with 4D to create a site integrating all of the company's technologies.

"There wasn't anyone even close to WebStar," Bassett told MacCentral. "I really like using this software. "4D is great because of its scalability and the application they created for us is just unbelievable."

Other companies were interested in working with Lynch to help produce video for the site, stream content and setup equipment, but they went with Apple because Lynch uses Macs. Lynch also learned how to use Final Cut Pro himself, so he could edit video for the DVDs he will sell on the Web site. All of the DVDs were made using DVD Studio Pro.

"The Internet is here, an infinite world of freedom. To express ideas in the ether. Apple is also here and they have helped us immeasurably. Apple products have been key for the creation and maintenance of DavidLynch.com," Lynch told MacCentral.

The Web site will also feature Pay Per View shows inside the member's area. Some of the features will be shown free for members. The shows will be streamed using Apple's own QuickTime, another favorite of Lynch and Bassett. "All of! the video delivery will be in QuickTime streamed over an Akamai network," Bassett said. More information on these features can be found at the Web site.

Lynch is also having a contest on his site -- starting Tuesday, March 5, 2002 you can sign up to win a lunch with David Lynch. The Grand prize winner and one companion will be flown from their place of residence to Los Angeles where they will be provided a hotel and lunch at Bob's Big Boy with David Lynch. The contest closes on Tuesday, March 26 2002 at 6:00 pm PST.

Lynch will choose the winner on March 28, 2002. The picking of the lucky winner will be filmed and streamed from Lynch's Web site. The winners will also be notified by phone or email. Contest details can be found at DavidLynch.com.

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