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New York Times Magazine
"New York Times Magazine" magazine Jan. 14, 1990 interview with David Lynch

"Time" magazine 1990 interview with David Lynch

Many thanks to Cindy Ju for the Time article and pictures!

"Talking Art" David Lynch article.
Many thanks to Mike Hartmann for the Art article!

"Moives" September 1990 Lynch and Badalamenti article.

"Marie Claire" February 1997 David Lynch interview.

"Tonight Show" February 18, 1997 David Lynch appearance.

David Lynch KCRW Real Audio interview:
RA 14.4 and above
Lynch discusses Lost Highway as well as his other works.

A transcript of this interview is now available.
Thanks to Melissa Musser for transcribing it!

March 6, 1997 Rolling Stone Lynch Interview

February 26, 1997 "Late Late Show" Lynch Interview

Philadelphia Inquirer David Lynch interview (excepts)
Many thanks to ArenaB@aol.com for the article!

February 24, 1997 Toronto Globe and Mail David Lynch interview.
Many thanks to J.D. P. Lafrance for the article!

March 3, 1997 USA Today Lynch Interview.

October 10, 1997 Rolling Stone Random Notes
(Lynch and Bowie)

Lost Highway: Unveiling Cinema's Yellow Brick Road An academic artcle on Lynch.

The Monster Meets Filmmaker David Lynch
A interview/advertisement with David Lynch for Monster Cable

David Lynch Technics Ad

Many thanks to ArcAngel for the ad!

Euphonix Production System Lynch Ad

Lynch MSN Chat 10-15-2001

Entertainment Weekly - Naked Lynch

Guerrilla Filmmaker - Independent Vision

Creative Screenwriting - Lynch on Lynch review

Screen International - Angelo Badalamenti

BOSS Users Group magazine David Lynch and John Neff article

Studio Magazine Dec. 2001 article on DavidLynch.com (french text)

Entertainment Weekly, January 2002 article on davidlynch.com

CNet.com article on davidlynch.com

MacCentral article on davidlynch.com

New York Times March 10, 2002 article

Entertainment Today March 8, 2002 article

TechTV March 2002 Lynch Interview (quicktime format, 14mb)

BBC Radio 4 Program on Alan Splet (realaudio)

Wired Magazine davidlynch.com article

New York Post October 22, 2003 - David Lynch's $1b Peace Plan

Jane May, 2004 - David Lynch's Celeb Spiritual Report

Chicago Sun-Times January 16, 2005 - Lynch: ‘Bliss is our nature’

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