David Lynch MSN Chat - 10/15/2001

DishDiva: Welcome to MSN Live! Tonight we are pleased to present director, David Lynch whose new film is "Mulholland Drive." David, welcome to MSN Live! It is a pleasure to have you here!

David Lynch: It's nice to be here talking to you!

Simmee_1: The actors you choose for your projects seem to all have a certain "look" or "aura" about them. Are you aware of this, are you looking for something in particular, in addition to the ability to act?

David Lynch: I'm looking for the ability to act, but the most important, is the right person to marry up to the role.

IkePlair: David, do any scenes, settings, or concepts in your films come from dreams?

David Lynch: They come in this case from the ether. I believe there's an ocean of ideas out there that we can go get these ideas. It's a magical process. If you have an idea, sit in a comfortable chair and ideas will start coming to you.

Guest_lynchfan999: How much of Mulholland Drive was the original pilot? How many scenes needed to be added to finish the film?

David Lynch: Once the pilot was killed by ABC, a year went by, while Canal + got the rights to allow me to turn it into a feature. Once I got the idea to turn it into a feature, the pilot was seen from a different angle, and it was a whole new ballgame.

Janglngjack: David, you've helped introduce some leading musican's to the public, like Rammstien and Chris Isack. How do you select the right music for your project?

David Lynch: That's the same way as with actors. You just can't put music in that you like, willy nilly, it has to sit in the picture and elevate the picture. A lot of times I work with Angelo Badalamenti, and we listen to music and see what music marries the best.

suzylux: What do you hope to offer in your films more than anything?

David Lynch: A chance to go into another world and have experiences.

meat_as_face: Many of your movies are slated for a DVD release in December. Will there be a Lynch box set?

David Lynch: I don't own any of my films, and the films that I don't own are owned by many companies. I doubt they would be able to get together legally to do a box set.

FelliniWhoa: I know that Stanley Kubrick burned all the outtakes from his films. What do you do with deleted scenes/outtakes from yours?

David Lynch: Since I don't own any of my films except "Eraserhead" I know there are warehouses of deleted scenes, but they are very hard to find since the ownership has changed hands so many times. But I hope they are safe somewhere. There's a scene I want from "Blue Velvet" that I want very badly, but no one is able to find it.

Guest_unexpected_owl: Do you wish you could have made "Muholland Dr." as a tv series, or do you think it became a superior entity as a film?

David Lynch: I'm very happy it became a film.

Guest_Sailor: Do you feel that black and white film can set an entirely different tone for a film as oppose to color?

David Lynch: Yes. Some stories are meant to be told in black and white and others in color. Movies in black and white take you that extra step out of reality. Because of video sales, black and white has fallen out of favor and it's a shame.

MasterCatblack: Mr. Lynch, thanks for submitting some time in cyberspace. Has the current global "crisis" inspired any story ideas for you? (Our current pres. is very much a character from one of your movies...)

David Lynch: I'm still thinking about this current crisis, like everyone else. I hope we come out OK on the other side of it.

kalikapixie: Mr. Lynch, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of your work. I've already seen Mulholland Drive twice and I thought it was unbelievable. Are you currently working on any feature length projects? You are a true inspiration, thanks!

David Lynch: I'm working on my website right now and I haven't caught any new ideas for another feature.

thetrees33: When will DavidLynch.com launch?

David Lynch: We wanted to launch right now, but we're probably a month away.

ryanleemain: Hello David...Being an artist/painter, i was wondering who influences your work and how visable are those influences..both on screen and in your 2-d art.

David Lynch: In painting, I guess my biggest influence is Frances Bacon, and in films my biggest influence is the city of Philadelphia. Philadelphia influenced "Eraserhead." You can see Frances Bacon in my work, but I'm struggling to get my own way.

IkePlair in Onstage1 asks: David, you have said that you like Kubrick's films. I am curious what you thought of "Eyes Wide Shut"?

David Lynch: I really love "Eyes Wide Shut" I just wonder if Stanley Kubrick really did finish it the way he wanted to before he died.

Zoblotnick: Are there any particular foods that you are currently preoccupied with?

David Lynch: Yes. Since two and a half weeks ago preoccupied with Ayurvedic food. This food is unbelievably good, and I've been told, very good for us.

Guest_brenan: What do you feel is your strongest piece of art?

David Lynch: It's all very strong.

suzylux: What's you're favourite scene from any one of your movies?

David Lynch: One of my favorite scenes is the scene in the Red Room, the original scenes in the Red Room. It was one of the most fun scenes to shoot in my life.

OtherVoicesorg: Mr Lynch: Have you given any consideration to a gallery showing of your other work, for instance, your furniture, set designs, etc.?

David Lynch: No one has approached me to do that. I would like to have an outlet for my furniture.

billblake999: Has is been difficult to incorporate non-linear experiences into a traditionally linear medium such as film?

David Lynch: Film isn't linear, there is no rules to it. Some stories are non-linear and some stories have abstractions. People love to experience abstractions and intuit their way through them.

ghostdog555: When you finish a picture does the actual ending really end for you or do thoughts continue through your head?

David Lynch: I think a good ending always leaves some room to dream.

Adam_Kesher: David, we know that you handpicked a number of scenes for the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD. What is the current status with New Line and what are your feelings toward getting the scenes release on DVD?

David Lynch: I haven't heard from New Line for some time so I don't know the status of what they want to do.

AquinaRoyal: What's more important in film: story or characters?

David Lynch: Every element of a film is important.

Skinned_Rainbow: Have you ever not created a charecter for fear that it would be too terrifying?

David Lynch: Yes.

VinegarBowl: What kind of golf clubs do you use and do you have a favorite course?

David Lynch: I am a frustrated golfer. Irons I use the clubs Greg Norman sells and I use Calloway woods.

Devochka_0: Francis Bacon said "My work means nothing. I have nothing to express. I work to excite myself". Can you relate to this?

David Lynch: It's got to be exciting to do the work, but at the same time you have an inner hope that others will feel that same excitement.

xdtLgLx: Where did you come up with the idea for the "Fish Kit" and the "Chicken Kit" that I saw in a book of your artwork?

David Lynch: It came from the idea of model airplanes.

Theblackdogrunsatnight: What can you tell us about Bluebob?

David Lynch: "BlueBob" is about electricity, smoke, fire, and industry.

EvilLera: Do you believe in the supernatural and what role does it play in your films?

David Lynch: I believe that there's much more going on than we can see, feel, touch, taste, or kick. See, smell, hear, taste, or kick.

Xer0Signal: Being a Philadelphia native myself, I have to ask, what was it about Philadelphia that inspired you so negatively?

David Lynch: It didn't inspire me negatively. It inspired me negatively and positively. Philadelphia calls itself the city of brotherly love and when a city behaves that way with that name, the city has a problem.

Guest_eyeoftheduck: When will the album where you play guitar upside down and backwards come out? Any plans?

David Lynch: The album is coming out on DavidLynch.com in one month. And it's called "Bluebob."

Makeup_Man: Is there a film that you would like to make , but have not had the opportunity? If so , what would it be about?

David Lynch: There's not at this time any film I would want to make. I'm looking for the ideas for the next one.

corduroy64: David, are you finished with TV?

David Lynch: I am finished with TV.

Guest_jacques: Lost Highway was the most realistic film I've ever seen. Can we expect to see Bill Pullman in one of your future films?

David Lynch: I loved working with Bill Pullman and if he marries up to a role in a future film, I would be very happy about that.

Guest_brenan: What are you afraid of?

David Lynch: The unknown. (Like everybody else)

Travis: do you still keep in touch with Dennis Hopper or does he scare you?

David Lynch: Dennis, I see every now and again and I love seeing him even though he scares me.

suzylux: Did you build the mysterious blue box in Mulholland Dr.?

David Lynch: No.

AmyRedTemp: Have you ever created a character based on your childhood friends?

David Lynch: Not yet.

clockntimer: In the audition scene of Mulholland Dr, the "director" was very memorable. Was that based on anyone?

David Lynch: No, that just came from ideas.

DishDiva: David, thanks for joining us tonight. Best of luck with "Mulholland Drive."

David Lynch: Thank you for being online to talk and I hope to do it again sometime.

DishDiva: I know you need to run. Thanks from all of your fans. Thanks to David Lynch for being our guest tonight and thanks to Universal Pictures.

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