Philadelphia Inquirer, February 23, 1997
Selections from the David Lynch Interview


A few quotes from a Steve Appleford interview with David Lynch in the February 23, 1997 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"I have my own ideas about what's going on, but my ideas are no more important, really, than anyone elses."

"I loved the world of Twin Peaks. I like to go in there in my mind from time to time still."

On critics reactions to FWWM: "There seemed to be a turning against me when that came out. I don't think it had anything to do with the film. It could have come out two years earlier or two years later and done way better...It was a dark cloud, and it took about two years to go away."

Evidently FWWM was profitable when international receipts were included: "As long as you end up making money, you have another chance."

On his next film: "Those feelings don't come along every day. It could be another four years or more, or it could be tomorrow. That's the frustrating part. You don't know when its going to strike you."

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