July 1996 article from Sight and Sound magazine.

Sept. 1996 article from Premiere magazine.

Jan./Feb. 1997 sex article from Movieline magazine.
*Note: the soundtrack article from the same issue can be found on the soundtrack information page.

Feb. 1996 Details magazine Patricia Arquette Interview about Lost Highway.
Courtesy Jennifer Heim

January 20-26, 1997 Variety magazine review.

February21-28, 1997 Entertainment Weekly articles:
Spring films preview Lost Highway review.
Mild at Heart article.
Psyching Out Lynch.

Winter 1997 Filmmaker magazine Lost Highway article.

January-February 1997 Film Comment Lost Highway article.

E! Sundance Festival Lost Highway report.

NBC today show Bill Pullman interview.

March 6, 1997 Rolling Stone Articles:
Lost Highway Lynch interview.
Lost Highway Review.
The Trent Reznor LH interview can be found on the Lost Highway Soundtrack page

Feb. 1997 Chicago "New City" Lost Highway Review

Feb. 28, 1997 Late Show Bull Pullman interview.

Feb. 97 "Film Threat" Barry Gifford - Lost Highway Interview.
Courtesy J.D. P. Lafrance

Frank Meyer's report on Lost Highway
Courtesy Frank Meyer

Access Hollywood's Lost Highway report
Courtesy Jennifer Heim

CTV News' Lost Highway report
Courtesy Jennifer Heim

The Tonight Show Feb. 28, 1997 Patricia Arquette interview
Courtesy Jennifer Heim

sfuniv.jpg April 1997 SciFi Universe LH Review

cine97.jpg April 1997 Cinefantastique articles
Lost Highway Article
Robert Blake Interview
Barry Gifford Interview
David Lynch Interview
Lost Highway Review

Film Comment, July/August 2001 LH mention

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