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Welcome to the LynchNet Store, an Associate. Here you can order a variety of DVDs, VHS, Books and CDs related to David Lynch and his works. To order an item, click on its title or image and add it to your shopping basket. Then click your browser's back button to order the next item. When you're through, go to check out on Amazon. Orders are filled and shipped by, so you can be assured of reliable service, great prices, and secure online ordering. Ordering from the LynchNet Store helps support the site to cover the cost of bandwidth and hosting. It's also a handy way to find all your Lynch-related merchandise in one place.

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You can find more Lynch related items at the Store at Lynch's official site. There you'll find the Eraserhead and Short Films DVDs, the Blue Bob CD, and other nifty items related to Eraserhead and Lynch's site.

All orders via the LynchNet store are filled by LynchNet assumes no liability for loss, damage, theft or any thing else that may happen to you by ordering from here. If you have questions about your order, please contact amazon support here.

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