Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 20
Donna Hayward

Birth date: 9/2/72
Sign: Virgo
Likes: James
Education: Twin Peaks High School
Actor: Lara Flynn Boyle

I qualified for the Twin Peaks High School Honor Roll in each of my four years. I was also voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in my senior class. It's very flattering to have received that vote of confidence from my peers. Now, I only hope that I can live up to my full potential.

I've always been adventurous - but careful. I guess being a doctor's daughter has taught me this instinct. When James, Maddy, and I took Laura's investigation into our own hands, that was definitely living life on the edge.

My undying friendship to Laura has caused my great pain and sorrow. I know that I'll never get over her death. I miss her so much.

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