Twin Peaks Star Pics Cards

In 1991, Star Pics issued a series of Twin Peaks trading cards. Some boxed sets of all the cards even contained a signed card by one of the Twin Peaks actors.

*Note: Some of the cards contain factual errors. For instance, card 67 says Windom Earle is being sent to Twin Peaks to conduct the FBI investigation on Cooper. But of course, it was Dennis/Denise Bryson. The information is presented here exactly as it is listed on the cards. But take it with a grain of salt.


  1. Welcome to Twin Peaks
  2. Checklist (you're reading it now!)
  3. Bird
  4. Agent Cooper
  5. Tape Recorder
  6. Diane, 2:15 in the afternoon
  7. Cherry Pie
  8. Sheriff's Station
  9. Sheriff Truman
  10. Deputy Brennan
  11. Lucy Moran
  12. Deputy Hawk
  13. Corpse
  14. Laura Palmer
  15. Heart Locket
  16. James Hurley
  17. Dr. Jacoby
  18. Diary
  19. Dr. Hayward
  20. Donna Hayward
  21. Pierre Tremond
  22. Madeleine Ferguson
  23. Pete Martell
  24. Fish
  25. Catherine Martell
  26. "Everything smells like fish..."
  27. Packard Saw Mill
  28. Josie Packard
  29. "Man...smell those trees..."
  30. Pine Cone
  31. RR Diner
  32. Norma Jennings
  33. Coffee
  34. Shelley Johnson
  35. Leo Johnson
  36. Bobby Briggs
  37. Ed Hurley
  38. Big Ed's Gas Farm
  39. Nadine Hurley
  40. "I'm going to have the world's..."
  41. "One day my Log..."
  42. The Log Lady
  43. Log
  44. The Roadhouse
  45. One-Eyed Jack's
  46. Benjamin Horne
  47. Audrey Horne
  48. Jerry Horne
  49. Horne's Department Store
  50. Richard Tremayne
  51. Great Northern Hotel
  52. Whitetail Falls
  53. "The owls are not..."
  54. Jean Renault
  55. "The Giant"
  56. "He is BOB..."
  57. "The One-Armed Man"
  58. "Killer BOB"
  59. Leland Palmer
  60. Sarah Palmer
  61. Ceiling Fan
  62. "Maybe that's all BOB is..."
  63. Agent Rosenfield
  64. Major Briggs
  65. Owl
  66. "Local legend. The White Lodge..."
  68. Trivia
  69. Trivia
  70. Trivia
  71. Production Notes
  72. Mark Frost
  73. David Lynch
  74. Angelo Badalamenti
  75. Jennifer Lynch
  76. Julee Cruise

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