Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 27
Packard Saw Mill

Located on 100 acres east of Highway 21, 2.3 miles north of Twin Peaks and east of the Great Northern Hotel. The Packard Saw Mill is on the southern shore of Black Lake.

Points of Interest:
One of the original founding families of Twin Peaks, the Packard family owns thousands of acres of forest surrounding the lake. Three generations of Packards have lived in Blue Pine Lodge - the family residence up the road from the Mill. The Mill was a major supplier of Northwest timber until recently when a fire forced its temporary closing.

Hundreds of workers are now unemployed because of the fire. The Packard Saw Mill management has assured employees that every attempt is being made to restart operations as quickly as possible. The Mill was shut down only one other time in the summer of 1935 due to a labor dispute.

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