Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 31
RR Diner

Located on Highway J, down the street from Horne's Department Store.

Points of Interest:
Owned and operated by Norma Jennings, the RR Diner serves as the crossroad of Twin Peaks. The 1950's look of the diner is just one part of its appear Damn good coffe and cherry pie are two more enticing reasons to stop by. Open seven days a week, the RR Diner serves breakfast, lunch and daily Early Bird Dinner Specials for $7.34. Highlights of the diner's other food delights are mentioned in the Twin Peaks Access Guide.

As a community service, Norma Jennings bakes six fruit pies each July 4th for Eagle Scout Troop #294's Pie-Eating Contest. All visitors and RR Diner regulars are invited to attend.

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