Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 35
Leo Johnson

Birth date: 4/25/68
Sign: Taurus
Likes: Ice cream, birthday cake, and money
Education: Twin Peaks High School, MTA Truck Drivers School
Actor: Eric DaRe

With the money I saved from my paper route and various other capital ventures, I was able to buy my own 16-wheel rig by the time I was 20. I love having the freedom to pick up and go any time I want. I've driven across the country over 100 times, but never with Shelley. I was a hall monitor in high school.

I'm not afraid to make a buck, and I am a good provider for my wife.

I am a bad judge of character. It seems that I'm always getting involved with the wrong kinds of people. Because of this, I let my temper get to me at times.

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