Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 39
Nadine Hurley

Birth date: 1/25/50
Sign: Aquarius
Likes: Chocolate shakes
Education: Twin Peaks High School (completed three years, never graduated)
Actor: Wendy Robie

Nadine is the only individual to be a Twin Peaks High School cheerleader in two separate decades (1966 and 1989). She also invented the silent drape runner.

She has been known to bend steel with her bare hands.

Nadine has 20-0 vision. She also has a strong jealous streak in her.

Unfortunately, due to Nadine's current mental state, she is unable to recollect this data herself. As her psychiatrist, I have disclosed some information that she has revealed to me under hypnosis.

I attest that all of the information provided above is true and must be kept strictly confidential.
-Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

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