Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 44
The Roadhouse

The Roadhouse is located between Twin Peaks and Lower Town, down the road from Big Ed's Gas Farm, and very near The Bookhouse.

Points of Interest:
Twin Peaks' favorite watering hole is The Roadhouse, known for its relaxed atmosphere and peanut shells on the floor. The only place in town with live music and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights, The Roadhouse features many famous singers, such as Julee Cruise.

Each night, Roadhouse patrons can enjoy selecting any of the house beer specialties, including Lenf's - Dark and Light; Siol (the local favorite); Fine Kugel Ale; and Luc's Extra Lite.

The minimum age to enter is 18; 21 to purchase alcohol. The Roadhouse accepts cash only - no credit cards.

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