Twin Peaks Star Pics Card 71
Production Notes

The secrets of the woods surrounding Twin Peaks were discovered on Sunday, April 8, 1990, on ABC-TV. On this date, David Lynch and Mark Frost - creators, writers, and executive producers - introduced America, and now the world, to the mysterious timber community of Twin Peaks. Shot on location in Snoqualmie and North Bend Washington, in February and March of 1989, the show currently airs in 56 countries.

Star Pics would like to thank the following people for their creative photographic contributions to this set: Paula K. Shimatsu-U, Craig Sjodin, Dean Tokuno, Kimberly Wright, and David Lynch.

A practicing astrologer for over 20 years, Bill Herbst contributed to this set by bringing his insight and experience to Twin Peaks. After careful analysis of the character profiles, Herbst determined each character's birth-date and zodiac sign.

What will happen in the future to the natives of Twin Peaks? The thing is about secrets!

"I would sit at the keyboard, and David would sit in a comfy chair, and we would go back and forth. You throw your minds up toward the ceiling, and they meet somewhere near the light fixtures. The script becomes written by a third party. The author is someone called Lynch-Frost."
- Mark Frost, New York Magazine, May 1990

"The thing is about secrets."
- David Lynch, New York Magazine, May 1990

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